Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Reliable sources in the Middle East have confirmed that the individuals who planted and detonated the car bomb that fatally injured prominent Maltese journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia were from Lebanon. The crime has been compared to a similar incident, in which former Lebanese Prime Minister Raffik Hariri lost his life several years ago in Beirut, which is the subject of an international criminal case, where it is alleged that the perpetrators were agents of Hezbollah. It has not yet been determined who ordered that attack, which experts are calling an act of domestic terrorism.

The family of the murdered journalist, who used the disclosures that first appeared in the Panama Papers to assert that senior members in the government of Malta were engaged in corruption, have asserted that these politicians, together with the CBI consultancy, Henley & Partners, were involved in targeting Galizia, in an effort to silence her persistent anti-corruption campaign.

The family specifically named Henley CEO Chris "Kato" Kalin*, as a conspirator in a plan to file bogus civil suits against Galizia, to bankrupt her, which emails published on the internet purport to show was to be covertly arranged and conducted. The Henley firm is a principal adviser to Malta's controversial Citizenship by Investment program, through which wealthy foreign nationals ultimately receive a Maltese Schengen passport.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has entered the investigation, according to reports published in Malta. The case is believed to be the first instance of a fatal attack upon a journalist related to the Panama Papers scandal.
* Compliance officers who have observed both the speed and inaccuracy in which due diligence is supposedly performed upon applicants for East Caribbean CBI passports, have taken to referring to CEO Kalin as such, after the character in "Green Hornet," but curiously, the name also belongs to one of the principal witnesses in the OJ Simpson murder trial.

Friday, October 20, 2017


Our recent article, about the New Brunswick, Canada-based Swallow Immigration Consultancy Ltd.,  which is selling CBI passports in Dominica, St Kitts & Grenada, according to its website, and its staff, included a telephone call to the firm's manager, Nusheen Pourjahani. She denied accepting any Iranians, unless they lived outside Iran, and maintained their wealth also overseas, claiming that her clients did not violate sanctions, and their money was clean.

Our follow-up call today yielded confirmation that her story was pure fiction. Pourjahani, according to her office, is traveling to Dubai, to meet clients, and after that, will be in her office in Tehran. That is where she really meets her Iranian clients, so she can obtain Caribbean CBI passports for them, and launder their money through her own accounts, prior to making payment for their passports.

You are looking at photographs taken outside Swallow's Tehran office. Note that there are no signs or indications that it is a business, because it is not open to the public; It is a covert location, to serve Iranian clients, in violation of American, Canadian and United Nations international sanctions. Does this look like a legitimate office ?


Nidal Abdul Waked Hatum, one of the leaders of Panama's powerful Waked Money Laundering Organization, has entered a plea of guilty, to a single court of conspiracy to commit money laundering, in US District Court in Miami. Waked, a Panamanian national, was extradited from Colombia, and originally charged with four counts.

The defendant has stipulated, in writing, to the facts surrounding his money laundering operation and the tradecraft he employed; the Wakeds moved and cleaned narcotics proceeds for Colombian & Mexican drug cartels, for more than a decade. They used a network of legitimate Panamanian businesses they owned or controlled, to launder the narco-cash.

His Guidelines is stated to be 41-55 months, but a provision states that it will ultimately be 30 months, provided that he makes full disclosure, and there is no provision in his Plea Agreement, requiring him to testify against others. It is believed that his information will greatly assist US law enforcement in the investigation of the narcotics trafficking syndicates his organization served, hence the short sentence, in such a massive case.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


SKN PM Timothy Harris Dominica passport

We recently discussed the uproar caused by the disclosure that the former Prime Minister of St Kitts, Denzil Douglas, not only obtained a diplomatic passport from Dominica, immediately after St Kitts was the subject of a scathing Advisory, issued in 2014 by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), but that Mr. Douglas was listed as a Dominican national. Obviously, powerful Kittitians, when faced with the prospect of detailed inquiry at Customs & Immigration, when they arrived in the United States, used their connections to obtain what are, frankly, illegal diplomatic passports that violate the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

It has now gotten worse; a well-respected Caribbean media outlet has exposed yet another St Kitts politician holding a Dominica Diplomatic passport, also obtained right after the FinCEN Advisory on St Kitts. This one was issued to Timothy Harris, the sitting Prime Minister of St Kitts, and it also states that the holder is a Dominican national, a misstatement of a material fact. A copy of the document appears above. A spokesman for Dr. Harris has publicly disputed its authenticity, but the document appears to have anti-counterfeiting protection, as well as the enhanced features such an instrument is required to display.

Just how many of the estimated 500 diplomatic passports were handed out to St Kitts government officials, and politicians, by corrupt senior Dominica leaders ?  No wonder the Foreign Minister of Dominica has openly refused to publish the list of Dominica diplomatic passport holders; if the voters of Dominica ever read it, her tenancy in government will come to a swift end, and her arrest will be a foregone conclusion. The illegal passport factory that she commands is a racketeer-influenced criminal enterprise, a cash cow for corrupt politicians.

Denzil Douglas Dominica diplomatic passport
 These passports, which are reportedly sold for obscenely high sums of cash, or for the exchange of other, illegal, favors, are an insult to the United Nations, and pose a clear and present danger of being abused for money laundering and other financial crimes. We trust that compliance officers at the world's international banks take note, and conduct themselves accordingly. 
* If you take the two passport numbers 0000319 and 0000462, and the issue dates, Dominica issued over 150 new diplomatic passports in one year, between 2014 and 2015. Considering that Dominica only has a few embassies and bona fide diplomatic postings, who has all these prized documents ?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


 Mehmet Atilla, the senior Turkish banker who was late to the party in the Reza Zarrab Iran oil-for-gold sanctions evasion case, presently pending in US District Court in Manhattan, continues to make bad decisions, with the expected outcome. Why isn't he paying attention to the consequences ?

First, he throws in his lot with Zarrab's criminal syndicate, forging and altering banks records, to cover the tracks of a billion dollar oil sanctions evasion operation. Why did the number two man at a major Turkish state-owned bank fail to consult a competent attorney in advance of entering into that sordid conspiracy ? If he had, he would have learned that being a foreign national, and conducting sanctions evasions totally outside the United States, does not save you from indictment.

Second, after seeing the primary defendant, his client, Reza Zarrab, make the fatal mistake of entering the United  States, for tourism of all things, when he knew or should have known he was exposed to being charged in America, given his extraordinary Iran-to-Turkey oil-for-gold operation, why on earth did Atilla voluntarily enter the US, on business ?

Finally, in the motion to dismiss his indictment, his attorneys chose to file the same legal arguments also advanced by Zarrab's counsel, and which failed. How can they prevail ?

Unless Mr. Atilla now makes the only intelligent decision left to him, to enter a plea, cooperate with the authorities, and end up with a sentence that he, and his family, can live with, he will face the full brunt of the steamroller that is the American criminal justice system when it targets a major violation.  I suggest he change his tactics, forthwith.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017


 Law enforcement mining of social media through platforms that can access information which might otherwise never be uncovered has moved from the primary role of understanding criminal networks to a broad range of applications involving ongoing investigations. Many are using their social media programs as a real time monitor of a wide variety of criminal activities, as well as the acquisition of information.

Some of social media monitoring uses reported by investigators at law enforcement agencies:
(1)  Using information obtained from social media as Probable Cause to obtain a search warrant.
(2)  Identifying associates affiliated with or linked to Persons of Interest.
(3)  Identifying the location(s) of criminal activity.
(4)  Identifying criminal activity.
(5)  Gathering photographs or statements to corroborate evidence.
(6)  Identifying Persons of Interest.
(7)  Identifying the location of Persons of Interest.
(8)  Anticipating or identifying crimes that may be in the early stages.

Innovative law enforcement agencies will continue to find new uses for their social media platforms in both violent as well as white collar crime investigations. Social media resources, whose initial application was solely on the civil side, when it was used to obtain data on "unbanked" individuals for money service businesses, has proven to be an extremely valuable tool in law enforcement investigations.


If you read yesterday's CNN  story, Hong Komg, Where North Korea Goes to Launder Money, you might have noticed that the authors made sure to point out that the Chinese national who allegedly is the principal front man for a sanctioned North Korean bank holds a Dominican passport. Whether it is a Citizenship By Investment (CBI) economic citizenship passport, or one of those diplomatic passports considered illegal under international law, the point is that Dominica documents are facilitating North Korea's evasion of international sanctions. While the extent of Dominica's relationship with North Korea is unknown, the continued  existence of the CBI program itself could be endangered, should major United Nations sanctions evasion activity be made public.

There's more: an examination of the North Korean Economy Watch, which publishes data from the annual Rason International Trade Fair, reveals that Dominica was one of the exhibitors. Considering that the country does not record that it exports anything to the DPRK , the obvious conclusion is that the government display is for the sole purpose of selling CBI citizenships. Dominican representatives have a history of hawking CBI products in the Peoples' Republic of China, and the Chinese reps are the likely people to be involved in North Korea. This matter is serious, and it requires further investigation.