Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


The rampant corruption poisoning the East Caribbean republics, including but not limited to million dollar "incentive payments," kickbacks from Middle Eastern-based CBI developers, cash payments for illegal diplomatic passports, and lucrative sweetheart contracts with government, can only come to an end through the power of the vote. Time and time again, corrupt Caribbean leaders buy their way into power, and retain it through the same means. They can only be removed after voters free themselves from their dependence upon the sale of their votes, and voter apathy, and take charge of their future.

A failure to reform across the board will eventually result in the following negative events:

(1) The EU, USA and Canada will blacklist not only the CBI passports, but ALL passports issued by the five East Caribbean jurisdictions operating the flawed CBI programs. That means no US or Canadian visas to visit relatives who live overseas, and no holiday trips.

(2) The few correspondent banking relationships, between East Caribbean banks, and the NewYork banking structure will be terminated, forcing the banks to go to UK or Europe, at high rates, to access the US Dollar system. Imagine how expats sending funds to their elderly relatives at home will feel when the costs are tripled.

(3) Tourist-oriented businesses may be forced to pass along increased operating costs of funds transfers to the clients, raising prices, and causing tourists that rely upon reasonably priced vacation packages to go elsewhere on holiday.

(4) The resulting decline in local economies may bring on an increase in street crime and narcotics use, and thus a decay in the safe environment which attracted your tourists in the first place.

The solution is in the ballot box; when the East Caribbean republics are led by reformers and progressives, and not corrupt egomaniacs, all the above will never occur. It is humbly suggested that it is high time for change.


Antigua & Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne, in responding to the exposure of a large real estate purchase, for cash, in Florida, strains credibility, and is frankly, an insult to the intelligence of the Antiguans who were told that nonsense on a radio program.

Here is what Browne said, and the truth of the matter:

(1) The PM said the true purchaser was his son, Gaston Browne III, not himself. The truth is that title was taken in the name of "Gaston A Browne," and the son uses Browne III as his name, according to Browne family members. The PM was the real purchaser.

(2) The PM said Browne III "buys and sell real estate," and purchased the Florida property with profits from prior sales. Browne III is an unemployed young college student in New York, with zero assets and no income. He could not possibly have accumulated over $600,000 in a few short years. This is another misrepresentation of material fact.

(3) The PM said it was an ordinary transaction. This is also not true; the mailing address, on the deed itself, is the office of a local real estate broker in Florida, not the street address of the property, which is the information generally listed, so that the annual tax bills go to the residence. One other point; process servers, seeking to locate the PM in the future, in Florida, will not have his address for service of court documents.

(4) The PM listing of himself as a "Single Man," is an intentional effort to disguise the ownership of the property, as well as prevent Stanford International Bank creditors, or the Receiver,  from seizing the property, to recover assets for victims of Allen Stanford's massive Ponzi scheme.  

We trust that now our readers understand that Browne's radio statement were merely smoke and mirrors, to confuse and mislead the listeners. He is the true owner of that expensive property.

Monday, March 19, 2018


PM Browne and the King of Jordan
  If you were following last year's travails of the now former Tourism & Investments Minister,  Asot Michael, detained upon arrival in the United Kingdom,  and interrogated about the suspected payment of a very large bribe paid by a UK national, you may know that he was cashiered by the Antigua Prime Minister Gaston Browne. You  may have missed where PM Browne gave the order to sack Michael; it was from the Kingdom of Jordan. Why is this both significant as well as troubling ?

Browne, who had come from a CBI investment conference in Montenegro, was not in Jordan primarily to meet the King, though that was on his offficial itinerary. He was in Jordan to conduct a meeting with a number of affluent Palestinian nationals, to detail Antigua's Citizenship by Investment or CBI, program.

This meeting was neither public, nor listed on his schedule, because if it became public knowledge that Browne was offering CBI visa-free travel privileges to the countries of the European Union, to Arab Palestinians who are members of, and agents for, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), globally sanctioned terrorist organizations, Antiguans might think twice about retaining him in office.

Specially designated global terrorist groups are generally the only Palestinians with six figures, in cash, to throw around, and that valuable Antiguan passport would open doors all over not only Europe, but the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations as well. The mere fact that Browne chose to hold covert meetings, in a high-risk part of the world, with even higher risk individuals, speaks volumes about his utter disregard for normal risk management policies and procedures. 

Palestinians have begun seeking to acquire CBI passports, from the East Caribbean republics that offer them, and have even sent delegations to other countries in the region. There is no amount of enhanced due diligence that can make up for soliciting known terrorist operators, to obtain a quick dollar, but in the process leaving the Western democracies exposed to penetration by a sworn enemy. Go somewhere else to flog your CBI passports, please, Mr. Browne, lest you give one to someone carrying a dirty bomb into Central London.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


 In 2015, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda,  Gaston Browne, brazenly declared, in an open meeting of Parliament, that his net worth was thirty million dollars. After being in office for only one year, his staggering wealth was larger than that of the presidents of most Fortune 500 corporations, and the question many Antiguans have been asking is: what was the Source of Funds ?

When asked about how he became a multi-millionaire, Browne, who had been a lowly clerk at a local bank, declared that it was from "consulting fees." Seasoned Antigua observers believe that it is really composed of:

(1) So called "Incentive fees," which were payments made, by foreign investors interested in constructing major real estate projects in Antigua & Barbuda. According to these sources, these projects were never built.

(2) Payments from convicted Ponzi schemer, R Allen Stanford, consisting of illegal campaign contributions for the 2004 national elections.

(3) Payments from Odebrecht and its subsidiaries.

(4) Payments from other prospective CBI developers, ( e.g. Range Developers, Sweet Homes).

(5) Payments from purchasers of illegal diplomatic passports.

Given that prime ministers are not allowed to engage in any acts that constitute a Conflict of Interest, and are prohibited from private business in general, a forensic audit of Browne assets in in order to determine whether he should be charged with corruption crimes, and his assets, wherever found, be seized and forfeited for the use and benefit of the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


This is a 2016 Special Warranty Deed transferring title to improved real estate, located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, to Gaston Browne, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda. Note that it was an all-cash transaction, and the Prime Minister paid $673,000 for the property. Where exactly does a Caribbean government leader, earning only a small salary, get over six hundred thousand dollars to purchase a home in another country? We have verified that there was no mortgage financing. Mr. Browne needs to answer some questions about this purchase.

There are a number of Red Flags surrounding the transaction:

(1) Browne's mailing address is listed as a real estate broker's office in Florida, not the actual property address, which is located at the Estates of Mayfair.
(2)  Browne took title as "a Single Man," though we know that he is married with a family. Florida law provides that a wife is entitled to a portion of all realty owned by a husband during the marriage. It is not known whether he perjured himself by misrepresenting his marital status at the closing.

Why is Browne's wife not on the deed ?  She is from Antigua's Bird family, as is the wife of his attorney, Dominica's Anthony Astaphan. The Birds were closely linked to former banking regulator, Leroy King, who has been fighting extradition to the United States for a decade, and many observers believe that, when King is eventually removed to the United States, he will quickly cooperate with Federal prosecutors, and name all the members of the extended Bird family as recipients of massive bribes and kickbacks. That is why his extradition has reportedly been delayed for more than ten years.

If the Receiver appointed to assemble assets, to pay the victims of R Allen Stanford's Stanford International Bank, seeks to recover from the extended Bird family, he could seize the assets of Browne, claiming an interest in the proceeds of crime, if his wife was on this property. he could also  force Browne to identify the Source of Funds for the purchase, which might incriminate him.    Browne is alleged to own several; properties in the United States, the value of which far exceed his  ability, using his known income and assets, to purchase them.


The Panama City law firm of Mossack & Fonseca, exposed by the Panama Papers as the favorite destination of corrupt Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), tax evaders, and financial criminals of every stripe, has announced that it will close. Only a skeleton staff will remain, to answer court process and supply information to law enforcement, as needed. The firm came to symbolize the global use of offshore corporations as a financial obscenity that has no place in legitimate commerce.

The reasons stated by an M & F spokesman for the closing are telling:
(1) Reputational damage.
(2) The negative media coverage.
(3) The response of the financial community.
(4) Subsequent actions by Panamanian regulators, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies.

Whether the three senior partners of the firm will ever be convicted, one year after their arrest, remains to be seen. Some current leaders in Panama could fall, if the arrested M & F partners disclose their corrupt use of the law firm for financial gain.

The suspects

The attorneys who worked at M & F have largely transitioned into other jobs; law enforcement seems to have no interested in prosecuting them, so er will be watching to see whether they follow in their former bosses' footsteps,  as attorney-criminals.

Friday, March 16, 2018


As we have detailed in a prior article, only a very small percentage of the Antiguans holding their country's diplomatic passport are actually accredited diplomats. The vast majority of the others are a mixed bag of dodgy foreign nationals, who have paid a princely sum for their treasured travel document, and local politicians, party members, friends and family, none of whom are legally authorized to receive one.

 Under international law, diplomatic passports can only be issued to working diplomats, who are posted or assigned to a specific mission or task, and whose credentials must be presented, and accepted, by the authorities, at the jurisdiction where the diplomat is assigned to. The holder cannot use it for pleasure travel; he must use his personal passport. It is not a trophy, suitable to show off at parties, but restricted to actual diplomats. So why does the Government of Antigua give them out like candy ?

Let's take a closer look at the recipients:

(1) Members of the Parliament of Antigua & Barbuda parliament, and their spouses.
(2) A individual knighted by Antigua.
(3) A person designated "National Hero."
(4) An Honorary Consul.
(5) Government ministers & their wives.
(6) The Attorney General.
(7) The former Attorney General.
(8) The former Governor-General.
(9) The sales and marketing manager, New York.
(10) The Registrar of Lands.
(11) Economist.
(12) "Film ambassador."
(13) The children of most of the above.

Honestly, is there ANYONE in Antigua government that does not have a diplomatic passport ? One wonders how many times these "diplomats" have used their bogus documents to breeze their way past customs and immigration agents at airports in the developing world, used them to evade payment of costs and fees, and even attempt to evade arrest when detained, claiming "diplomatic immunity," which they do not, under any circumstances, possess.

All of the foregoing passports should be recovered, and cancelled of record; Antigua needs to clean up this mess, before it is embarrassed by someone trying to use it to facilitate a crime.

A final note: diplomatic passports are furnished without charge to bona fide diplomats. Did these individuals pay someone in Antiguan government to obtain them ?